Troublemakers update

2020-04-23 - izrik

Here s a short video showing the various animations for the Pirate character from Troublemakers htt...

How to Write Good Unit Tests, Part 1

2017-03-28 - izrik

Part 1 How to Not Write Bad Unit Tests 0 Intro First, some definitions A unit is a method, object, ...

The Purposes of Testing

2017-02-08 - izrik

Software tests can serve a number of functions Verify correctness This is the most common purpose of...

FbxSharp and ChamberLib Tutorial

2016-07-25 - izrik

This will be a little brief. A fuller treatment will be given at some point in the future. FbxSharp...


2015-12-26 - izrik

This https github. com izrik FbxSharp is apparently getting more attention. From a random prospecti...


2015-01-21 - izrik

Intro Giza https github. com metaindu MetaphysicsIndustries. Giza is a parser, but not in the same ...


2014-07-15 - izrik

https wiki. izrik. com

Lewis on Monarchy

2013-07-25 - izrik

Monarchy can easily be debunked, but watch the faces, mark well the debunkers. These are the men wh...

Experiential Epistemology

2011-04-22 - izrik

Conjecture All human knowledge is in reference to some specific experiences in one s past. Call this...

Family Worship

2011-04-18 - izrik

The worship of God is the chief end of all human life. In accordance with this, the Lord has so orda...


2011-03-15 - izrik

I made a concordance a few years back. Got the KJV text from Project Gutenberg, separated it into se...

Current Project: Troublemakers

2011-02-05 - izrik

! TroubleMakers in action https raw. githubusercontent. com izrik images master 2011 02 05 TroubleMa...

Current Project: TroubleMakers

2010-08-12 - izrik

! TroubleMakers in action https raw. githubusercontent. com izrik images master 2010 08 12 ninja lev...

How to Become a Mad Scientist

2010-06-03 - izrik

Originally written in Dec. 2002 for Freshman Comp Mad scientists have known notoriety for many year...

Active projects

2010-04-24 - izrik

MathPaint http www. izrik. com mathpaint for iPhone Using a state transition diagram to generate a ...

Batman teaches us an important lesson

2010-03-19 - izrik

Batman teaches us an important lesson Heroism is within your reach You don t have to have super pow...

MathPaint goes 3D

2010-02-23 - izrik

https www. facebook. com izrik videos 640945528115? l 2360816715813896000

ad mathematica

2010-02-23 - izrik

General Math Nerdery^A including MathPaint images^A here http www^A facebook^A com album^A php^A aid 21904...

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